Morning Star Zen Sangha

Buddha Zen Newton, MA

Morning Star Zen Sangha is a warm community of Dharma practitioners based in Newton and Waltham, MA. Morning Star Zen Sangha is dedicated to helping us wake up, practice mindfulness, appreciate life, and alleviate suffering. Morning Star Zen Sangha offers guidance in different forms of Zen meditation, including breath practice, koan introspection, and the subtle art of shikantaza, or just sitting. If you are interested in learning how to meditate with a supportive community, please join us.

Morning Star Zen Sangha is an inclusive sangha, and we welcome everyone. We are committed to nonviolence and reverence for life; solidarity and a just economic order; acceptance and a life based on truthfulness; equal rights and partnership among all people; and stewardship of the earth.

If you have any questions, or to get on the mailing list, you can email  Morning Star Zen's Resident Teacher, Mike Fieleke.